Instagramming January

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I guess now that Valentine's Day is over and we are gearing up for March, it's about time to put up my January Instagrams. :) I love how that happens every month. Maybe February will be the month that breaks the cycle!

In January, I hosted a New Year's party, B made apple tarts with Ben, I had a delicious, nutritious lunch, the girls had lots of play dates, we went sledding, I warmed up by the fire, we had cinnamon rolls at my sister's house, my belly grew, I went out with friends, we fell in love with Greek yogurt with maple syrup and chia seeds, B and I learned how to make pampushki, I babysat Adele, we devoured our manger scene, Olivia had a time-out, we picked up B at work and took him out to lunch, we made lots of green juices/smoothies, I baked some mushrooms, I had my favorite green beans with almonds, Mila looked for icicles everywhere we went, we played lots of Sorry! with Mila, I made blueberry chocolate cream cheese bars, we went bowling, I threw a birthday party for Natalia, I spent time in God's word, I took the Christmas decorations down, I remained obsessed with pomegranates, we got lots of snow, I took baths to ease my pelvic pain, we made ponchiki, we got more snow, we made doorbells hangers, I had a day to myself to get my sanity back and saw a friend for lunch, and cried my eyes out at Les Miserables. The end.


2 comments: said...

I LOVE chia seeds and quinoa and green juice. Looks like you and I had a very similar January! What's your green juice made of?

That bowl of pom seeds looks so good. I can imagine it took quite some time to pick out the arils;) all worth it if you ask me!

Tanya said...

I'm actually pretty good at getting those done quickly, so it doesn't take too long. Also, I do it while watching TV so I have something to think about, and that helps a lot.

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