Our hot Valentine's date

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh yes, it was pretty steamy. Literally. I got to try a fondue restaurant I've been wanting to try for years. Not kidding, maybe ten years? I finally decided enough was enough and I told B in January that we're going, and he better make the reservation. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down, you know? I know we are never going back, but it was still a really fun experience.

It was a four-course deal. We started off with cheese fondue and bread, apples, veggies and fruit.

Next we had a delicious salad and moved on to the main course, which was actually a fondue pot of broth (we picked a citrusy Cajun one) and all kinds of raw meats--chicken, ravioli, beef, shark, pork, and shrimp--to cook in it, along with all kinds of dipping sauces. It was kind of fun until it wasn't fun anymore. I don't know how to explain it. We were having fun, making jokes and enjoying ourselves, but I realized after a while that I was just grossed out by raw meat sitting on the table in front of me. It got dunked for a couple minutes, and then it was on my plate, ready to eat. I have always been kind of queasy while preparing raw meat as it is, but eating with it sitting right in front of me was not my cup of tea. Plus, we laughed and laughed how the broth smelled like old people, and we were dunking all our food in it. And we may have acted our age by blowing the stinky steam at each other across the table.

I don't think B really reads my blog, or I may get in trouble for this picture. I just love it so! I had such a happy guy sitting across from me for the two hours it took us to get through all the courses.

The last course was, of course, my favorite. We picked a chocolate, caramel, and pecan fondue and sampled a bit of everything on our dessert plate. Everything was good, but the strawberries were my favorite. I'm inspired now to get a fondue pot, but never will I use it to cook meat. No thank you!

We headed off for a romantic movie afterwards, with our bellies full and our hearts happy, so all in all, it was a wonderful night. I knew even if I hated our restaurant choice, that I wouldn't regret going and trying something new, though it did cost an arm and a leg. :) Change of scenery and breaking out of familiar territory is good for a relationship, I think.



Ana said...

I didn't know there's such a thing like a fondue restaurant! This post has definitely inspired me to bring my fondue pot out of the cabinet though!

olviyaservingsisters.com said...

I too get queasy when prepping raw meat. Your date sounds like a cool experience--Even if you never go back;)

The dessert looks delicious.

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