Baby registry

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It was definitely an interesting experience figuring out what I wanted for this baby and what I would register for. It's been so long since my last baby that I feel like I'm new at everything, even though it's my fourth go-around. I feel like I might forget something or not do enough research and get the wrong thing. Overall it's been fun, with the exception of the stroller. With that being such a large purchase and such a critical one, I've spent way too much time looking online and reading reviews and I'm still nowhere near a final decision. I just love how much soft, organic cotton there is out there now and so many cool alternatives for plastic. When my kids were babies it was a miracle to find a cotton blanket among all the polyester stuff out there! 

I feel like this time around, though, I want to limit the unnecessary items and keep things simple. Clutter has become my enemy lately, and I'd love to avoid wasting money on things I don't really need or won't use. I think that's one thing that's different from the other times I've prepared for a baby, and it may just come with age. No need to buy out Babies R Us--just give me good, quality, lasting products that I will love and I will be good to go. I may buy a new crib or just paint my old one, I will be reusing Olivia's crib bedding, which I still love, and I have a swing and a pack-and-play left over as well. Other than that, everything else needs to be bought. Yikes! I've never had a baby carrier or a sling, so I would love to try both of those products out this time around. I've already bought a couple prints for the walls and I know the large sheepskin that's kind of extra in my bedroom right now will be perfect in her room. These are some of the items on my registries... 


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