I can't believe I made it to my computer today to post something!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day and you are all eating chocolate and treating yourself or being treated. I recieved the beautiful flowers you see above from my other half this morning as I was getting the kids off to school. I almost didn't notice them on the counter, along with a sweet card and some cold hard cash, my favorite, most practical gift. I was greeted with a caramel macchiato when he walked through the door from work tonight and we're about to get cozy on the couch with the latest episode of White Collar. (We are a little too obsessed with that show.)

We are holding our real celebration off until Saturday, so today wasn't too eventful in our house. I take that back. I was running around like a headless chicken for a good part of it and trying to get things done; it was really very unglamorous and definitely the opposite of a day at the spa. Of course I procrastinated on getting Ben's Valentine box made for school, and he really wanted something special since they were having a contest, so we were up bright and early this morning putting a cardboard robot together before school. We ran out of paint and time, so I sent him off to school and finished it myself before his class party. I guess it paid off, cause he came home pretty darn excited that he got first place. :) He even got an ice cream gift card.

The weirdest thing happened early this morning and definitely made me say a prayer and keep my family in my thoughts all day. I was driving Olivia to preschool and police cars were whizzing past me. As I neared the next intersection, I saw almost 20 cop cars surrounding a middle school and many more blocking off streets and gaurding exits. It was a sobering scene. I guess it was all sorted out within a couple hours and everyone was fine in the end, but I'm sure the parents of those kids went through plenty this morning. It was reported that a man with a double-edged axed was seen walking into the school so they locked it down to search the classrooms and go through surveillance videos in an effort to find him. Well, they found out it was a student with a folding shovel that he had brought as a prop for one of his classes. It's easy to laugh when it turned out to be nothing and put the police department down for overreacting, but to me that's much better than not having done enough. And I'm just glad everyone's okay.

I felt like I was a step behind all day long and I'm ready for this day to end on a good note, so I'm off. That couch is calling me and I know a good back scratch is in order... I hope your day was lovely!



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