Two new layouts

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The last piece of our puzzle. I mean, you never know, but I feel like our family is complete. This little girl is going to be so doted on when she arrives! I color-coordinated all my papers on this one to complement the black and white of the ultrasound picture, dotted some ink on there, and stamped some arrows with my new Kelly Purkey stamps. I went into the doctor's office that day not expecting to see my little sweet pea, but my midwife wanted to make sure there was just one, so she did a quick 30-second ultrasound to check. No twins for us.

This was a quick layout I did for my own album because I wanted to get those Instaxes off my desk and onto a layout. B and I took a very quick trip to Seattle last July, and we drove separate cars on the way there, which was kind of fun. We left late Friday night, drove 8 hours on barely any sleep, and left for home Sunday morning. Still fun though!


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