My resolutions for 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's a pretty long list of resolutions, but for someone who loves to make lists, this was pretty pared down for me. I'm sure I could go on and on, but these twelve sum up a lot of the goals I have for this year. Many of them aren't an end goal in themselves but more of a process, getting better at doing something every day or week or whatever. Just making time for this or that.

1. I want to focus on eating healthy, remembering to take my vitamin, preventing heartburn, staying active, and giving this baby the best chance at healthy development I can. Currently two Zantac 150s a day are not cutting it for the constant burning in my esophagus. I may get prescription strength ones next time I see my doctor.

2. This one's going to take a lot of sweat, but I am determined! After all, I have a whole year. :)

3. I am still reading War and Peace and have 9 more books picked out after that.

4. I find myself staying inside the house, just me and the kids, more often than I'd like. I want to work on getting out and seeing friends more, being more available for things.

5. I've been doing good with this one for 5-6 weeks now, so I'm confident I can keep it up. When my belly gets too big for me to be jumping around in front of the TV, hopefully it'll be a little warmer outside so I can take walks when the kids are in school.

6. I have been horrible at keeping the bathrooms clean, and I vow to fix that this year! The upstairs bathrooms get especially neglected because company usually doesn't use those, so I get lazy and avoid cleaning them. Don't laugh.

7. Since I became pregnant, I have loved falling asleep on the couch at night (for many reasons) but that means I stumble to bed a few hours in and skip washing my face and brushing my teeth. I'm not proud, but I'll admit it. No more!

8. I would love to be able to see a few cities this year that have been on my list. I'm itching to do some exploring and eat at some delicious restaurants, something that's still rare here in Boise.

9. I've gotten a good start, and I would love to make scrapbooking more of a regular habit like it used to be.

10. I feel so guilty when I find rotten vegetables, or worse, let meat go bad in the fridge. I also want to get more creative with using up ingredients that are left over from a recipe in something new. I think this will save us a lot of money on groceries each month.

11. This one's self-explanatory. I need more peace of mind this year.

12. My Etsy shop is tiny and I don't work on it regularly. I want to start thrifting again and see where it can go, and if I decide it's not something I want to continue, it'll be time to close it. One door closes, another opens...

What are some resolutions you've made this year? Is there anything I'm missing? ;)



Julia and Yuriy said...

Good ones! i haven't had time to make mine yet but plan on it... I'm afraid it will be a lengthy list.

Yes, you forgot one... visit Seattle!!!

Tanya said...

You have 13 days left because if you make them in February, it doesn't count! :) And I want to come visit. Hopefully this spring but I'm not sure. I would love to though.

Anonymous said...

Most of your items are ones I need to do myself...especially #4!!,#5,#6,#7,#8,#10!! and # 11!!. May you have a blessed pregnancy...everyone is having babies this year, I might have a bit of baby fever ;) Nella

Tanya said...

Nella--That's funny! I think I picked ones this year that are pretty general and things a lot of people would love to improve on. :) I had some baby fever before I was pregnant as well. Instagram and blogs were not helping, either!

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