Instagramming November

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I may be 12 days behind on this one, but I believe everything works out in the end. :) Even if the end is 12 days into the next month.

1. Getting lunch with the girls. I DO NOT feel like cooking these days.
2. Tangerines are in season, and my new bromeliad. Hope it thrives.
3. Making masks at Noah's house.
4. Adele sleeping in my arms--sweetness.
5. Starbucks date
6. I voted.
7. Fresh spinach, carrot, orange, lemon juice.
8. New fave combination--tuna and balsamic vinegar in my salad.
9. Been having a lot of fried eggs in the morning.
10. Leaves and moccasins
11. Engrossed in her cartoon. Usually it's Caillou, sometimes it's Dora.
12. Ben's friends
13. It's Christmas at Costco.
14. New pillows
15. Birthday party
16. Walk for Italian sodas in the rain.

17. Rugelach in the making.
18. Puffy pancakes
19. Jeweled biscotti all ready to mix and bake.
20. My favorite fruit of the season. Can't get enough.
21. Date night at LuLu's.
22. White lights
23.Parsley rice in the making, with coffee on the side. Happy Thanksgiving!
24. The lights are going up.
25. Pumpkin pie fail
26. Lights set to music--the poor neighbors...
27. Getting our decorations out.
28. Gingerbread house tradition
29. The tree is up and beautiful as ever.
30. The baby wanted some frozen yogurt. He/she told me.
31. Belly pic!
32. Pretzel crisps and Nutella



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