Inspired by Joy: Grammy's chocolate cookies

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So yesterday was a horrible, horrible day--I felt so sick all day long. I've had my fair share of bad heartburn episodes in my lifetime, but this was baaad, and no matter what I did or what I ate, it wouldn't ease up at all. I also had nausea all day and just that feeling of an upset stomach (tasting my food in my mouth every few minutes--ugh). At one point I was sitting by the toilet desperately trying to force some watermelon down my throat, and thinking with each bite that it all was about to come up anyway. I told B when he got home and he was grossed out by that. :) I felt horrible partly because I didn't want to eat because of the stomach issues--I couldn't even look at food--so I got too hungry and felt more nauseous because of it.

Oh, I'm just glad that it's over and today I feel so much better. It kind of drives me crazy that I can't predict how I will feel each day. It seems that when I don't get enough sleep I tend to feel worse the next day, but not always. Yesterday I just felt off overall, and I was definitely thrown for a loop by it all. I was really hoping I would be done with the nausea by now, but it's still around to keep me company!

I wanted to try these cookies I saw on Oh Joy! that are an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe. I made the dough yesterday afternoon, but didn't get around to the baking part until midnight. Which doesn't exactly make for great pictures, so I'm a day late with this. Oh well. I'm not sure which recipe is better since I haven't made the original, but these were good. They reminded me of brownies, however, and were on the greasy side, so I think I would rather have brownies if I'm craving chocolate. However, I took Joy's cue and made a sandwich out of them. I used coconut ice cream, drizzled some chocolate syrup on top, and sprinkled with pecans. Yum! I'm keeping this recipe around just in case I ever want to make ice cream sandwiches again!

I'll try to squeeze in one more dessert tomorrow since I went shopping today instead of baking (oops). We have plans to decorate the house with lights tomorrow, and I will be getting all our Christmas things out, and I'm taking full advantage of B being home all day by making him replace our mailbox. Some kid decided to try out our ramp this summer and forgot there's a mailbox at the end of it and crashed right into it with his head. Now the lid is hanging by a thread, and the mail lady came to the door the other day to tell me it's a safety hazard. Well, I hightailed it to Lowe's today for a new mailbox! Thanks for the kick in the pants, mail lady! We're also having dinner at my parents' and B's parents' house, so I will be cooking up some dishes for those, then it will be off to stuff our faces! I have yet to ever make my own turkey because I'm so spoiled by our parents every holiday. Hey, I'm just taking advantage of the blessings I am given!



Julia and Yuriy said...

Oh my gosh, the light! The chocolate!

Tanya said...

The light makes it look delicious, right? :)

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