Have a good one

Thursday, November 22, 2012

These photos are from Sunday, when our church did the Thanksgiving harvest display and the kids recited their little poems. They were the cutest; I'm so proud of them. Our church is notoriously hard to get a good picture in--it's dark and gloomy, more so on stage than in the sanctuary, and then the sun tends to come in through the stained glass windows in spots, which is why Mila and Olivia are so washed out in the first photo. At least I got these shots. Hope your day is going wonderfully! I'm off to bake my pies and get ready for dinner.



Erica (Irene) said...

These are such nice photos.....I love the 'rushnyk' in the first photo. I still have some of my Baba's rushnyk's that she brought here when she was a teen.
Thanks for sharing. Irka

Tanya said...

Yes! I treasure every Ukrainian thing I come across, and I'm so glad my parents knew to bring them with us when we moved. Now they're part of my past AND antiques--win-win. :)

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