Soccer season is here

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Soccer season has started for Ben and now for Mila, and I'm barely keeping up with the practices. To go from no schedule a couple weeks ago, to school pick-up, drop-off, and soccer too, plus all my regular chores--sometimes it gets the best of me. But whenever I get down about this or that, I think about the fact that I'm doing it for my kids. I never had an opportunity to play sports when I was young, and I have always, always wished I could have. I like to think I'd be pretty good at whatever sport it was. When I get going, I can be pretty dang competitive...and determined. Now it's my kids' turn.

This was Ben's first game this year. Take a look at that smoke! The valley we live in currently has a lot of wildfires burning in the hills all around it, so the smoke just gets trapped and makes the air quality horrible. It's not even healthy for kids to be out breathing it, but you better believe all the soccer teams were out there showing their stuff! My eyes were literally burning while I sat on the sidelines. Ben's team lost this one, but I'm hoping they win tomorrow's game. Either way, it's fun to watch these kids doing their thing.



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