Mila is our newest soccer star

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mila had to miss her first game a couple weeks ago, so when she finally played, it was her teammates' second game and her first. I had heard they were pretty aggressive, but I was still shocked at how much they all wanted to get that ball in the goal!

I had forgotten how cute they are when they're little and trot around that tiny field just trying to connect their foot with the ball. The game basically consisted of a large mass of little girls running around after the ball, with a million feet kicking at the ball in every direction. That poor ball.

Mila was a star, with four goals for her team, though she had an emotional breakdown in the middle of it. Hmm...sounds familiar... :) I think she got too frustrated and hadn't realized the other team would be up in her face quite like that. She made it to the end, and told me she had taken my advice to have fun and not let things frustrate her. It also didn't help that we were late because I couldn't find the right field for the life of me!

They had their second game this last Saturday, and it was very different to watch. They had so much more control over their feet and the ball, and the girls didn't fall down half as many times as the previous game. Our team won again (but who's counting), and Mila killed it again. I knew once I'd let her start soccer, she was going to go at it with everything she has, and I was right. I'm excited to see her soccer skills in a few years.



Natalia K said...

Oh. my. goodness. That girl was just a baby, wasn't she? Adorable. Especially love the first and last photos of her.

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