Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This past week was more of the same. I had the blues, and couldn't seem to shake them all week. I think I'm finally feeling better, but my goodness, that took a while! And like the week before, I just tried to survive the weekdays and had an amazing weekend at the end of it all.

I've been yearning for the word of God lately, whether it's reading the Bible, listening to an uplifting sermon on my phone, or studying the Bible with the help of a study guide or online sermon. So I've been getting up early and studying the Word, or dropping the kids off at school and taking advantage of the silence. It's been good for me.

Then Saturday rolled around, and I got up super early for Ben's soccer game, just me and him (I didn't want to wake the kids cause I thought they should get their sleep). I picked up a latte on the way, and enjoyed the fresh air (I DO NOT get enough of it lately) as I watched my big boy bring his best game. Later we watched Mila in her first soccer game, then headed downtown for pizza as a family. We stopped by the park, and realized the whole city was there for some fair, and the kids went crazy in the car, squealing and exclaiming. We spent some time there and ended it with a frozen yogurt stop, and the day was over. Boo. Sunday consisted of church, Costco, my parents' house for dinner, and a stop at the park again. Too bad it's over and now it's Monday again...



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