Monday, September 17, 2012

I don't have much to show for last week, just these six pictures. It was a hard week for me. I was emotional a lot, and problems just kept weighing me down, to be honest. I tend to think about things too much, and I let problems become bigger in my head than they need to be. When things get like that, I like to take it day by day. Wake up, dress the kids, drive Olivia to school, then get Ben and Mila off to school, back home for my precious time alone, pick up Mila, pick up Olivia, run some errands, do homework with Ben when he gets home. Some days I get to dinner, some days I don't. And I've been leaving dishes in the sink every night, overflowing onto the countertops. I just run out of steam by the end of the day, and my to-do list is always longer than the day.

My weekend, however, was spectacular, and totally made up for the weekdays. I'm starting to really really look forward to the weekend. One thing is that B is home, and I feel like I can breathe a bit, like I have a helper at my side. He's my best friend, after all, and we talk and catch up and laugh together. It makes me feel like everything is as it should be. And I make sure to squeeze in as many back scratches as I can. :)

I watched my sister's son for her on Friday, and it was perfect timing, because he was driving her crazy that day! I expected him to keep me on my toes as well, but he was surprisingly good. Sometimes it just takes a change of scenery. I got to rent a movie that night and veg on the couch and NOT relax, since it was The Hunger Games. On Saturday we went to a wedding, during which B had to drive Ben to his soccer game 40 minutes away and come back to the reception. Thank goodness he asked the coach to bring Ben back home after the game so we wouldn't have to go again to get him! When Ben was home, we rushed off to my kids' cousin's second birthday party, complete with a fully loaded pinata. It looked like I had ten kids by the amount of candy they came home with! We capped off the day with a soak in the hot tub with friends. It was pretty blissful. The kids were shipped off to Grandma's for the night, so I even got a break from the bedtime routine for a day. On Sunday I got to attend a baby shower for a friend who's having her third baby boy soon. It's always nice catching up with people you don't always see, not to mention eat delicious food . I definitely enjoyed it, considering I was one of the last to leave.

What a bummer when Monday rolls around...



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