Early Saturday morning

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's so much fun to watch Ben's games because those boys really know what they're doing by now. Sometimes I get too nervous for them, even though I know it's only just a game. I have to remind myself to calm down and remember that it's not all about winning (though winning sure is nice). Ben's team hasn't won too many games this season, but they've been matched up against really hard teams with boys that are a head taller than them. Ben is becoming such a pro these days, learning all kinds of new moves and strategies, and working together with his teammates.

On this particular Saturday, we had to be at the field at 8:15am, and the drive there is 30-40 minutes. Yeah, it was an early Saturday for me. I left everyone else at home, packed all our things, stopped for a nice hot latte, and enjoyed a peaceful morning at the soccer field watching my son play. It was just what I needed--solitude, fresh air, and some entertainment thrown in.



Natalia K said...

What a stud! Nice scenery in the background, too, with those foothills.

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