It's a floral cloud

Friday, September 28, 2012

No, I didn't make the sock monkey--I made the cloud pillow behind it. He just happened to be in the room, and it looked like he wanted to join the party. So I let him.

I posted a couple days ago how I was itching to make a cloud pillow, and make a cloud pillow I did! It was pretty gratifying to be able to make something fairly quickly and it was pretty foolproof, too. I am a beginner sewer and have lots to learn, but good thing I didn't have to learn anything for this one (or you could count me out). I stuffed it with bamboo stuffing to make it super natural and healthy for the kids' beds, and stitched up the hole by hand. The best part--I had everything on hand. No prep, no fuss--my kind of project.

The girls took all my scraps and thoroughly enjoyed themselves cutting it up into "mountains" as I worked (short attention spans). :) Those fabric scissors cut fabric like butter!

Don't mind the fact that my bed is unmade. And yes, that is my lovely orthopeadic pillow (how I hate it). I'm old...

I had to make the bed to get a cute shot of this pillow in all its glory. It just wouldn't have been the same without those shaggy beauties in the background, right? The cloud found a home on Mila's bed, and she now has to have it by her side as she falls asleep. So now I have to make Olivia one, and they have both requested heart pillows as well. Now I just need to think of what I can come up with for Ben's bed.



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