Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just wanted to put up my Instagram shots from last week, seeing as how this week is almost over now... :)

Life is good, though sometimes it sure doesn't feel like it. I am so grateful for my life, for all that I have been given, and there are moments every once in a while where I hear about someone with a terrible disease, or someone who was diagnosed with something terminal and had to face death--and my perspective does a 180. In that moment, all I can do is say a prayer in my head, thanking God for
giving me my health and everything else, and I see how good I have it. The sad part is that it's so easy to go back to making your problems larger than life in your head again, and that feeling is lost. Gratitute is such a good thing to cultivate, and I'm working on it as I speak.

1. We love our cherry tomatoes the most. They are the easiest to pop in your mouth with no mess, easy to pack in lunches, and they are the sweetest. We gobble them.
2. New project alert--painting the kitchen, and still not done.
3. A Boise house in the latest Dwell issue.
4. Riding with this little guy behind me. Didn't get a shot of the other three kids.
5. Waking up slowly with Pero in bed.
6. Hanging in my breakfast area.
7. Every Saturday we are at one field or another, usually both.
8. The weirdest tomato I've ever seen. It really wanted a nose.



Natasha of said...

Coffee in bed sounds so cozy and relaxing.

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