Trips to the Pool

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trips to the pool have become pretty frequent this summer. It's been a hot one, so I'm so glad we have a place to cool off. This year we've probably been swimming more than any other since I've had kids. Even last year I was really nervous every time we went because there's only one of me and three of them. Olivia and Mila were both pretty nervous in the pool as well, both clinging to me. It was like I didn't have enough arms.

But this year...this year everything is different. They have grown up enough for me to be able to handle them all comfortably, though I swear all I do while at the pool is scan the water for each bobbing head. Mila has really learned to love the water, and she realizes that the arm floaties really are going to keep her up. Even though sometimes she goes in the water pretty low. And she beat her fear of jumping in, and now it's her favorite thing to do. It really pays to overcome your fears sometimes. Ben has really learned to swim pretty well this year as well, so I'm definitely less nervous about him. He loves to roughhouse with friends and throw a ball around. And put Olivia in her Spiderman floatie and she is happy as a clam. She's the most relaxed and chill of the three, just happy to be bobbing on the water.

Their cousin Noah came along this time, which made their day! We have one more month of summer, so hopefully we can still squeeze in enough trips to the pool to hold us over till next year!



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