Weekend Road Trip

Thursday, August 2, 2012

B and I decided really last minute that we would take a weekend trip to Seattle to deliver a car he had sold there. I have been itching to be in the car and drive and drive and drive, so this was kind of perfect for that. It wasn't perfect in the fact that we left for the trip in the evening after B finished working, and I hadn't been getting much sleep, so the trip was excruciating for me. I drank coffee and energy drinks pretty much non-stop, and walked around chilly rest areas to wake myself up. I'm kind of embarassed to say I was singing and squealing and slapping my cheeks and doing who knows what to stay awake. Obviously not embarassed enough to leave it out, though. :)

After sleeping for 10 hours straight (ahhhh), we met up with B's cousins and their significant others and kids and headed for Alki Beach. We walked and talked and caught up, and B even discovered his love of longboarding. Dinner was at Pegasus, where we tried no less than four of their pizzas. Then we finished the night off at B's cousin's apartment with tea and cake.

The road back was so much better. I got to drive stick shift, which is always fun, and we stopped at an antique barn where I got an old cross-stitch of Holland. We also stopped at a place called Lookout Mountain when we were almost back in Idaho. That place kind of scared me. It was basically a gravel road winding up this mountain that never seemed to end. We couldn't see the top, so we kept thinking we were almost there. There were no guardrails and the gravel felt so unstable, like we were about to slide right off the road and down the mountain. After taking a few photos, we turned around, never reaching the top. It felt good to be back down.

We're going back at the end of the month with kids and all, so hopefully we'll have more time to explore Seattle a bit more, as well as see my sister and brother-in-law (she was out of town when we came).



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