A Day in West Maui

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We took a day towards the end of our trip and drove over to west Maui to explore. We had a dinner cruise booked for that evening going out of Lahaina, but before we did that, we drove up along the coastline and got to see what this side of the island was all about. More winding roads that instantly brought back the nauseous feeling for me, more cliffs, more thick, lush greenery, and lots of wind. There were some beautiful cliffs dropping off into the ocean. I kind of couldn't believe there were no guardrails anywhere, because I felt like a little wobble in the wrong direction, and I could fall right down to the rocks below, especially with that wind. But then if I think like a local, I wouldn't want those eyesores everywhere, ruining the landscape for me just cause someone doesn't know how to be careful. In the end, we decided west Maui was nice, but Kihei is so much better. Loyal to the end! :)
Don't know what this sport was called, but it sure looked fun. That guy was out there forever and did not tire himself out!
I loved how there was always so much activity around you, no matter where you were--in the water, in the sky, on the beach, etc. It kind of makes you happy to be alive.
 I forget the beach name, but this was one of the most popular beaches there, and it had so much debris in the sand. And so crowded too. We were spoiled with the beaches in south Maui!
The oldest tree on Maui, this banyan tree had at least 20 trunks that just dropped down from the branches and planted themselves into the ground again. Weirdest tree I ever saw.

Don't mind the sweaty face here, it was pretty hot sitting in the sun for two and a half hours!


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