Thursday, July 19, 2012


1. Ben with a very sleepy Adele.
2. Olivia's favorite firework, the cobra.
3. Doing fireworks two days late.
4. We've been spending a lot of time at the pool lately.
5. Mila wore herself out playing with all her animals!
6. I never get to see her napping anymore. So sweet.
7. Those waterguns have been a constant sighting around here this summer.
8. Dinner with the fam on my mom's birthday.
9. Oatmeal and berries
10. We have eaten so many raspberries this year, I can't even imagine the money we've spent on them. We're all kind of addicted.
11. Noah sees all the princess dresses the girls have and needs to try them out!
12. Olivia's fourth birthday party
13. About to break the pinata.
14. Eraser party favors. Can you see the bite marks on the cake one? Maybe I shouldn't have put them on the counter next to the dessert...



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