Makena Beach

Monday, July 23, 2012

I've finally gotten to the end of the Hawaii photos. These last ones are of Makena Beach (or Big Beach) and Little Makena next to it. When we were scootering one evening, we came across this beach by following the crowds coming into the parking lot. Then we saw the water. The waves looked like heaven to boogie board, and we thought we had found the waves we were looking for. Good boogie boarding waves at the beaches we'd been to were few and far between. It was evening, and we vowed to come back the next day.
We noticed people weren't piling onto the beach, however, but walking further down the length of the beach and disappearing behind some rocks. So...we followed. We figured they must know something we don't. We climbed up a rocky cliff, followed the path down to the ocean, took a turn, and came out to...a giant party on the beach, complete with nudists and hippies. Mm-hmm. And here I was thinking "Hawaii has a lot of hippies" while climbing up the rocks. Turns out, the locals come out every Sunday night to party on this smaller hidden beach that is known to be a nudist beach. There was music, dancing, nudies sitting around or getting in the water to swim, complete with an offer to smoke something. I don't think I had ever felt as much like a fish out of water as that before! :) Too bad, because it was a beautiful beach.
 When we came back to Makena the next day, hauling our boogie boards under our arms, we took one look at the waves and knew we weren't getting in that water. The waves were insane, rising at least ten feet over people's heads, then crashing against the sand with so much intensity. There was barely anyone in the water. Most people were staring at the waves with us, planted safely on the sand.
Good times! Seems like we went a lifetime ago, not just last month. Time is tricky like that. xoxo, Tanya


Anonymous said...

good review bradda.... on sunday nites... do they close the parking lot though? so does this mean we have to park on the streets?

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