Instagramming Part Two

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The other half of my Instagram snapshots:

1. Feels so good to be back! Froyo with the kids.
2. My little sister is in town!
3. Enjoying the warm water in their tub.
4. Hiking the Boise foothills.
5. Helping me pick out a color for a church classroom.
6. Climbing very tall things at the church construction site. (gulp)
7. Homemade pizza
8. We love Pockys!
9. All three of them.
10. Horsie love
11. Having a blast!
12. Enjoying the water.
13. Waiting for the buckets to drop.
14. Warming up on the hot pavement.
15. Croque madames for both of us.
16. And then dessert.
17. Making crepes.
18. Grocery run.
19. We tried to beat the heat by going biking early. And failed.
20. Refreshing Italian sodas
21. Cute little legs and bum.
22. Another cute little bum. Looks like the mushrooms in the Mario games.

This summer is definitely going by in a flash! I have so many things on my mental to-do list before it's all over--I really hope we can cross most of them off. Some things on our list:
  • a couple camping trips (one of our favorite things to do)
  • a trip to Roaring Springs water park
  • picnics in the park
  • taking the kids up to Table Rock (and then watching them like a hawk so they don't fall off any cliffs)
  •  bike rides on the Greenbelt
  • jet ski our hearts out
  • movie night at the park
  • going to the fair
  • a day at the local lake
This insane 100 degree heat we've been having has been perfect for getting us outside and enjoying the season, that's for sure! It's also kept me outside watering all the brown spots, but that's another story altogether. ;)



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