Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our kids are the oldest out of my family's and B's as well, so they are kind of used to being on their own. They know plenty of kids with a million cousins, so stick together and leave my kids out of the loop. Then my sister had a baby boy, and now, three years in, they have three more cousins. It was pretty exciting when Noah was born, and now he's three!

I love that Mila and Noah get along so well, and Mila is so sweet to him as the older one. She's always leading him by the hand and encouraging him about something. That girl is such a nurterer.

Sometimes their relationship takes a step or two backwards, but usually it's all good. :)

I think I'm ready after being home for several days from vacation to get that huge mass of photos posted. It's really hard for me to decide what things to leave out, so it may be a little too much. I'll try not to overdo it. Bear with me. I just had such an awesome time--I'm getting excited all over again just looking at the photos.



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