Exploring the Island

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When we arrived in Hawaii, the first thing we did was drive around and scope out all the beaches. No, actually, first thing was sleeping in to our hearts' content, then driving around. We stayed in south Maui in the Kihei area, which was such a good choice. The beaches are so much cleaner and much less crowded than those in west Maui, and the feel of the area seemed much more authentic Hawaiian instead of "tourist town." Since we were staying in a condo, we shopped for groceries (thank you, Costco) then came back and grilled ourselves a nice steak dinner.

B grilling and talking to the retirees. They've been coming to the same condos for years, and said this was the first time they saw anyone grilling sitting down. We got a kick out of that one.

Our cozy little condo from the outside in.

The view to the ocean, lined by palm trees. I could get used to this.
Now, let's get to the beach and get some saltwater on my skin!



Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com said...

Grilling sitting down. ha ha ha.

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