In Hawaii

Friday, June 15, 2012

So I am a hot mess. I mean, I already knew that, but now everyone will too. We're in Hawaii right now, enjoying our vacation. I just sat down at the computer to get a couple posts up. Then I realized I don't have Photoshop on my computer. Then one of those ohhh... moments happened.

My computer has been really slow and having all kinds of problems for months now, and no matter what I did to it, the issues were still there. Blogging was becoming way too time-consuming and super frustrating. Finally, two days before our trip, I got everything erased and got the whole thing redone so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. 

Well, I got busy, and forgot I didn't put my programs back on. I have many of these kinds of moments where I don't connect one thing to another in my mind, so it really isn't a big surprise to me. It just means I can't even resize my photos to put them on the web, blogging for 9 more days.

Oh well, more time on the beach, I guess. I'll post when I get back.



Natalia K said...

Good--it was obviously meant to be. When we went to Florida last year our house didn't have internet access except a special spot on the porch ;) if you wanted to sit out there at night and get eaten by bugs, or first thing in the morning, which I didn't, so I went offline for almost 12 days and it was really, really nice. I was really surprised that I didn't miss it and didn't "miss anything". You're not offline, but you can't blog, so take it as a good thing!

Tanya M said...

I agree with you. I spend a lot of time online, but I really didn't miss it on vacation at all. If anything, it was nice not to feel guilty that I'm wasting time on the computer when I could be at the beach. I just did some research on things to do and checked my email, and that was it.

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