Crafty Crowns

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We made simple little crowns on Olivia's birthday with the kids, and I think it turned out to be really fun! The kids seemed to enjoy it, and some even made two. I got some crafty things together--red pom-poms, jewels in various sizes, sequin shapes, and glitter in every color of the rainbow. I cut out a simple crown shape for the front, and a strip as wide as the ends of the front piece for the back. When they were done decorating and the glue had dried, I stapled one side of the back on one side, fit the crown on their head to see where to staple the other end, and viola! A good way to rein in the chaos a bit, and they got to go home with something fun. What little girl doesn't love glitter, anyway?

And for the record, Mila is scowling because she wanted some help with the glue and the glitter, but so did everyone else. That was the biggest problem, so lots of hands are a must.



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