Olivia's Birthday Bash

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My baby girl is four!!! Where has the time gone? I know everyone says it, but it's just so true. I still think of her as a baby in some ways, but in other ways, she kind of blows my mind with how much she understands and knows.

She dresses herself now with no help, except she likes to forget her underwear. She really gets into it when she colors or paints. She is so independent in many ways, but she is the slowest eater on the planet, and begs to be fed. She can put food away so fast when I feed her, but she's so sloooow on her own. She still wishes she was a baby, and asks for a pacifier and milk in a bottle occasionally. She sleeps with her pink blanky on her pillow every night. We have a bedtime routine that we do every night or she'll keep calling me back to her room until I get it right: pee, scratch her back, then her stomach, kisses, blanky needs to be on the pillow, turn on the humidifier, drink of water, and I have to say "I love you," "good night," and "bye," in that order. Of course before that we brush our teeth, read a book and the Bible, get her pjs on, and pray. Olivia is the biggest tag-along and copycat, which comes with having two older siblings. She learns so much from them, and I see her studying Mila's hand movements and reactions so she can copy them. Every time I carry her to bed, she puts her arms around my neck and puts her head down on my shoulder. And I love it. She has this grandma complex going on, where she likes to walk around and sigh, with a dejected look on her face. As if her life was so hard. Not sure where this comes from. I love that little girl!

I threw her a family/friend birthday party, which equaled lots of people and lots of chaos. She was set on having lots of friends over, and has been looking forward to it all year, so I had to oblige. Lets just say I was glad when it was over! Sitting on the couch never felt so good.
If you look at the pinata pictures, there's one where Mila is bawling because all the kids pounced on the candy and she was too afraid to shove them aside to get some. My dad and B were helping her out. I swear, you never know what to expect with kids! They keep you on your toes for sure.



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