One on One Time

Friday, June 8, 2012

I have realized that when you have one child, it seems so hard and stressful, and there seems to be so much to do. When you have three, all that multiplies. But when you go back to only one, it bcomes a piece of cake. I wish I realized how easy it really was when I only had Ben, and let myself relax a little more. But hindsight is always 20/20 vision, isn't it?

When it's just me and Olivia, I don't have three different opinions on what we should do that day or what we should eat. And no one argues about what TV show to watch. And if I'm busy doing something for Olivia, I'm not interrupted by someone else needing my help. I can completely focus on her. Kind of interesting to go backwards like that and get a new perspective. The biggest difference with the kids being gone is how quiet the house became; it definitely took some getting used to. 

I'm so glad to have had this time with Olivia, though. It was a great opportunity. And I'm pretty sure she soaked it all up.



Natalia K said...

Isn't it always like that--when you're in calculus you think about how easy algebra was and how you should have appreciated what a breeze it was. I'm looking forward to finding out in a bit here how "easy" one child was, now that I'll have two...

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