Baby Shower

Friday, June 8, 2012

I had so much fun getting ready for this baby shower! The planner in me was all excited to plan every last detail, but the worrier in me put a damper on things, especially the closer the party date got. I have irrational fears of not being able to get things done, and the guests arrive, and I have no party. I think I need some more self-confidence.

I have tons of vintage linens, so I picked some coordinating ones for the tables that would look nice with the pinks, mint green, oranges, and yellows.  The dessert table got a lovely yellow rose one. I got my milkglass collection out, as well as some brass items. I love milkglass and I love brass. They really match to anything. I borrowed matryoshkas from my sister to add to my collection, and we were good to go. I decided I had spent enough on party decorations, so the flowers were from my mom's garden.

I feel kind of bad that Natalia had to bake this beautiful tart for her own shower, but hey, she offered! Isn't it gorgeous? The cookie recipe is here if anyone is interested. My grandma always bakes these for us when we visit; they are so traditional Ukrainian, and I can't get enough of them. I usually bake them without sprinkles, but this time I wanted to be extra fancy. Thanks, Natasha, for the recipe.
I forgot to take pictures of these poufs over the dessert table, which were hung in a cluster with fringe streamers. So no pictures of fringe streamers--boo. These poufs hung behind Natalia's seat of honor when she opened her gifts. I also had Mexican banners hung all around the room.
I love these matryoshki. They almost look rustic, and so simple and cute. I wish they were mine.
We had grilled chicken, grilled bratwurst, salmon, baby potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, broccoli cranberry salad, and the very traditional Ukrainian cabbage salad.
I also forgot to take pictures of dessert, when we were having crepes. I think I was too tired by then to think straight. I snapped this of my friend Tanya having seconds after everyone went home. We had strawberries, blueberries, banana, Nutella, rosehip jam, blackberry jam, strawberry jam, walnuts, almonds, and powdered sugar for toppings. And my mom made the crepes.
My gift to the baby girl I will soon get to meet!
The happy couple on the left; me, Natalia, my mom, and Noah and Olivia on the right.
One or two people went home early, but I think we got most of them here.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. I hope it was a good time!



Julia M said...

Poor you... have to throw the party, cook, AND remember to take photos! It looks absolutely beautiful, so good job. Natalia is lucky to have you!

tatiana khochay said...

And again...I loved those sausages. I will be calling you, again, to find some for Roman. And those crepes took me back to living in the bay area...really yummy.

Tanya M said...

Tanya, ha ha, I keep getting comments from people about those sausages. Next time I have anyone over, I'll just grill up some sausages and call it a day! That's all they'll remember anyway. :)

Natasha of said...

Tanya, the salmon was good to lol. Everything was good! Great job as usual. :) I'm glad you liked the cookies

Natalia K said...

Tanya, you out-did yourself again. I felt so special, and I'm sure baby girl will too, when she looks at these photos later. Thank you so much--I couldn't ask for a better sister!

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