The Bigs are Back

Friday, June 8, 2012

I swear Ben and Mila left on vacation with their grandparents just a day or two ago, and it's been nine days, and now they're back. I got to pick them up at the airport today. All I can say is, that was fast!

I'm glad they made it back home safe and sound, and they didn't fall over a ledge looking at Niagara Falls, or fall off a boat into the water at Thousand Islands. I often just pretend that I have it all together and that I give all my worries over to God, but the truth is, sometimes the best I can do is try. When I find myself imaging the worst-case scenario, I say a prayer in my head for God to keep them safe, and try to leave it at that.  I wonder if all mothers are like that, though, to some degree. 

Before Ben and Mila left, we did some last-minute shopping and then I sent them off with a stomach full of Smashburger. 

They are still half-asleep here from waking up for an early flight.
It was Mila's first time flying, and I am happy to report that she loved the flight, and wasn't scared at all. She is such a brave one, that girl. Or at least adventurous.

I have to say, it was a pretty good reunion.



Julia M said...

Such a sweet photo of Mila running through the doors! And I don't think she's afraid of anything.

Natalia K said...

Those last two photos are precious. Glad they're back, those bigs :).

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