Weekend Soaking

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My husband (I'll call him B here) and I needed a break, some kind of getaway from the everyday, so we headed up to some natural hot springs in the mountains a couple hours away.  The kids had been waiting to go again since last summer, and the weather was finally warm enough for it, so they were over the moon!  I have to say, getting packed and making sure we had food to eat took everything out of me, so the drive up was my recovery time.  I will admit I went a little overboard making way too many chopped salads, and I won't say how many uneaten sandwiches we brought home.  The point is, it was just what we needed.  Hot, relaxing mineral-rich water, beautiful scenery, and the five of us.  A big group of our friends actually came up as well, which was icing on the cake.

This particular place has six man-made pools, and each pool is a different temperature as the water flows from one to another.  Such a good idea for people like me who can't tolerate boiling hot water!

I can't wait to go again!



Julia M said...

Kids in bathing suits are irresistible. Such pretty little buggers you have.

MissLeah said...

You seriously have the most adorable kids ever. :) & ben looks so much like david.

Tanya M said...

Thanks, girls!

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