Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am kinda addicted to Instagram.  Not because I'm the best photographer (or editor) or because I have such a glamorous life, but it's really fun to see something happening in front of you, be able to capture it instantly, and share it without really being interrupted at all.

Here are my phone pictures from last week, posted a bit late since it's almost Wednesday, but hey, I'm new at this.  Forgive me.  I thought it'd be fun to compile some of my Instagram photos at the end of every week and post them here, week by week.  Nothing too major happened last week, but those small moments are pretty fun to look back on nonetheless.

1. It was our turn to bring snack, so we made cupcakes for Mila's preschool with the letter Z on them.
2. Shopping at Costco is one of my favorites.
3. Finally got back to baking bread regularly. 
4. So proud of myself for looking good for next to nothing. :)
5. Playdate at Noah's house. 
6. I'm back at the thrifts and it feels good!
7. What our Friday night looked like.
8. Packed up and ready to go relax in some hot springs pools.

You can find and follow me on Instagram by searching for username tmartsenyuk. 

That's it!  Have a wonderful day!



MissLeah said...

love photo number 6. :)

Tanya M said...

Thanks! Can't wait to read that book. With such a great cover, it must be good. Oh wait, I'm judging.

MissLeah said...

Haha, ooops i meant 5 with Olivia twirling around! But photo 6 is wonderful too :) I need to get into the art of thrifting.

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