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Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to my brand-new blog!  I have been so excited to get this project up and running, and here we are!  First off, my little sister Julia did the blog design, and I am so grateful to her.  She is so good with graphic design, and I am...not.  This blog wouldn't be here without her.  My goals with this space are to document these days that are quickly flying by me, where my kids are still fairly little and there is so much activity in our daily lives.  I love watching them experience new things, and just seeing the world through their eyes is pretty magical. 

I would call this a 'lifestyle blog.'  I plan to write about my family and the things we do, some interior design, some vintage and thrifting (I love a good find), some scrapbooking, some cooking.  One thing I love about blogging is how inspiring it is--to try new foods, to go out and do something fun, to craft with your kids, to live life more fully.  I hope I can do that with this space. 

These pictures are a shoot we did last fall, and I wanted to start off with them because all five of us rarely get in a picture together.  I still adore these pictures, and they make me smile every time I look through them.  This is us. 

Getting ready for the shoot.
A few snaps of them at home.  Older brothers are the best.

Here we are!  My husband hates pictures, and if I didn't demand that he smile right before every picture, he'd be stonefaced in all of these.  That small smirk is his smile. Also, it was freeeezing, explaining the look of pain on some of our faces.  Of course, I smiled through it all.  Moms are just good like that.

And...it's over!


All photos by the very talented Julia and Yuriy Manchik.


Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com said...

Tanya; I'm lovin your new blog!!! You blog like a natural. I look forward to following; just subscribed via email :)

Julia M said...

Thanks for trusting us to photograph your little family! I want to say it was fun, but since it was so frigid, I think my favorite part was getting pizza afterwards. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pics!!! especially the last one. (totally made me laugh) so adorable.. I guess she was just done at that point.


Tanya M said...

Inna, don't worry, we coaxed them into posing again, that wasn't the end. It was more like snap a couple, someone cries, snap a couple, someone pouts, snap a couple more, someone can't stop looking like they're in pain. And thank you, Natasha, you seasoned pro, you.

Natasha F said...

Picture perfect family!! Your kids are soooooo beautiful!

Tanya M said...

Well thank you!

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