Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some snapshots doing random things with the kiddos this week.  Getting things done and enjoying the sunshine:

1. Mila actually enjoys going to the doctor to get her shots. I think it's because she so stinkin' proud of herself for not crying last time she went. And the fact that she gets ice cream afterwards. She kept reminding me to schedule her appointment. I know.
2. The kids at their favorite jumpy place.
3. Olivia along for the reward.
4. Mila getting ice cream after her shots. 
5. Preschool field trip to the zoo.
6. Gophers at the zoo.
7. Me time.
8. Farmer's market on a sunny Saturday.
9. Had to get a crepe at the market. Need to do this at home.
10. More flowers than I've ever bought!  Mother's Day flowers for both moms as well as flowers for boutonnieres I made for the moms at church.
11. Rhubard pie from the farmer's market and sweet flowers Mila brought from preschool for me.
12. I was surprised how much fun I had making so many boutonnnieres. 
And that was my week, minus all the yard work.  I am always doing yard work, I swear.



Julia M said...

That shot of Mila is adorable. She has such a look of pride on her face.
And cutest pie ever!

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