We Fired Up the Grill

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer is almost here, and we can feel it!  And I was craving a hotdog fresh off the grill (big surprise, I was craving something), so we kicked off the grilling season with local sage sausages.  I am a bit late (okay, a week) posting this, as I have been pretty busy this last week, and this blog had a few wrinkles that had to be ironed out. 

Also, my hubby had surgery for a deviated septum on Friday, and I was pretty nervous the couple days before.  I have caught up on my sleep since then, and he's made it out alive, so things are looking up around here.  Now I am back at this blogging thing, and hoping to post more regularly after floundering a bit there.  :) 

These photos are way too overexposed, but I processed them as best I could, cause I still love them.  I rarely get a "real" smile out of this guy, and look how happy he is here!  It's the hotdogs that did it.

Here's to much more grilling all summer long!



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