Saying goodbye to summer

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The weekend before school started, we were still holding on to summer. I especially didn't want to let it go. We had been having so much fun that I didn't even shop for clothes for back to school. I've always been pretty laid back about it, and just make sure they have some jeans that fit them well and some good shoes, not necessarily brand spanking new. This year school started a week earlier than usual, during the fourth week of August, so my mind wasn't there quite yet. All three kids used their backpack from the year before, so all I had to do was get their school supplies and attend all the meet the teachers and back to school nights and such that come before the school year starts. I also registered Ben for middle school this year, which brought me back to my middle school years so fast, it was scary. It really wasn't that long ago that I was wandering those halls, I swear! At least in my head it wasn't. My family moved to Idaho at the end of my fourth grade year, so I have memories of elementary, middle, and high school here in the area, and it seems unreal that I have a child old enough to be experiencing all those same things now. And like I always say, isn't it ironic how now that all three older kids are in school full-time and I would finally have less duties at home, we decided to do it all over again with Naomi?! And she gets me all to herself, lucky girl (or not, ha ha).

Saturday night was our second to last day of summer break, so we headed out to get sno cones with the fam. We ordered our favorite pizza after, and took it to the park to eat on the grass. Sno cones, pizza, and all my favorite people all around me? Heaven. We had dessert first just to make sure the sno cone shack wouldn't close before we got there, cause you know dessert is more important than dinner, right?

Ben's best friend, Stone, came along with us and they ended up having a sleepover after we got home late that night. Stone is like the other boy we never had. He lives two doors down, and Ben and him are always, always together. I'm thankful for such a good friend for Ben, who is so outnumbered in our household with all these girls, so we find him coming along with our family more and more the older and more independent these boys get. We were just talking the other day how they met while riding tricycles down the street at three years of age (Stone must have been two), and they've been friends ever since. ;)

Baby belly!!

We climbed the hill behind the park after we ate, which is actually very steep even for adults. I had to hang on to the railing to steady myself up at the top, which was the steepest part. Naomi, of course, didn't want to be carried, and walked up most of it herself. She never ceases to amaze us! Then when we were looking out over the scenery below, she kept trying to escape my eagle eyes and lunge over the edge because now she wanted to try going down, of course. Absolutely no fear. She screamed and  fought and pulled against my death grip on her arm, hoping she might escape and roll her way down that hill. We actually saw a little girl take a nasty fall at the bottom of the hill just as we were starting our way up. People don't realize that once you start running, your legs spread further and further apart as you gain speed, and once you reach a certain point your legs can't go any wider and you end up braking with your face. Which is exactly what that little girl did. My kids were a little horridied watching her try to rub the sand out of her eyes, but let it be a lesson to them as well, because that hill makes me nervous! The little girl was okay, by the way.



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