July: phone edition (sooo late!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In July, we celebrated Independence Day, celebrated Noah and Adele's birthdays, Mila went to lots of chiropractor appointments for her back pain, Ben got a cool new scooter, Mila made a mouse, Naomi got new Schleich animals, I baked, Mila got a spacer to expand her palate from the orthodontist, we saw a movie at the park, went to the Eagle Fun Days parade and got wet, went to the splash park, the kids did VBS, I decorated the bathroom that I recently painted white, we painted our faces and ate and played games at the end-of-VBS party, camped, went to hot springs, celebrated Olivia's birthday, then mine, we got sick, went to Portland, and stocked up at Ikea in Seattle. It was a blissfully FULL and happy July.


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