Throwing dresses

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This child. She is so much fun to watch. I catch myself stopping whatever I'm doing and just watching her doing her thing. She runs from room to room, picking up one thing, trading it for another as she drops the first thing and runs off. She'll drop the paci right out of her mouth to put whatever she's holding in there. Everything she picks up is interesting to her and something to explore. She squats as she turns the item over in her pudgy little hands and examines them, seeing what they can do.

I see her watching her brother and sisters and imitating their hand movements, their tone of voice, their actions. She follows them around the house and joins in whatever they're up to. She rarely likes to be by herself, and when they're not home, she will look for them upstairs or make me open the garage door to see if they're outside.

Everywhere she goes, the room ends up looking like a tornado hit it after she's gone. She moves quickly from room to room and toy to toy, leaving things strewn around all rooms of the house. It's exhausting to get anything done sometimes, because by the time I cook dinner or check my email, I have a whole new mess waiting for me to clean up. I never know what she just got into, and cringe inside as I'm doing something to think of what she could be up to in the next room. I was up in the play room one morning and caught Naomi throwing all the dress-up dresses out of the basket. I was always annoyed and exasperated when I walked in on every dress out of the basket and on the floor, but hadn't had a chance to get to the bottom of it. I figured it was either Olivia or Noah doing the dumping. Well, turns out it's this little rascal! I hadn't even thought someone was doing it for fun! She was so thorough and quick, and got the job done in no time! Bogdan and I joke that she's just keeping us young.



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