The party

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Naomi's party the weekend after her birthday was a big success! We all had so much fun, and I'm so thankful for everyone who came and celebrated with us. You guys are the best! I wanted to do an animal theme (that wasn't too themed), so I had treat jars I spray painted in different colors with plastic animals on top, we had some fun masks to take pictures with, and we had foam animal masks that the kids got to take home as favors. The party was colorful (just my style), decorated with Mexican flags, a colorful garland hanging over Naomi's chair, a giant gold balloon, and a colorful romper and headband for Naomi to match her party, of course. My sister Julia was taking pictures for me at the party, so I'm sure she has a bunch of really good ones, but I haven't gotten those from her yet, so here are my dark and blurry ones. Some are SLR camera, some are iPhone. :)

I baked Naomi's birthday cake from this book. It's a favorite white cake recipe of mine--moist and delicious--and I made up the frosting to my liking. I also gave the zebra topper a festive little party hat that I made.

I had time to do everything but my hair... :( I hate when that happens!

The birthday girl with her birthday doll.

Party guests chatting away.

Naomi didn't mind the headband I made for her at all, which was amazing! Once we got it on her she seemed to forget about it, which never happens! I bought the elastic at Joann Fabrics, so I am definitely going back for more colors and making her some more headbands. Every headband I've tried she can feel on her head and rips right off. She's always hated things on her head, including hats.

Silly faces at the back door.

Nutella crepes with strawberries, powdered sugar, and nuts. Always easy, always a winner.

For some reason I remember seeing pictures of Naomi and her cake, but I don't have any on my phone, so I'm not sure where those went. So this was what her cake looked like after we tried to make her eat it. Still basically intact. I was totally going to let her go to town with it, then bathe her real quick after, but she didn't want anything to do with it. She did want to touch it, but every time she did, she'd cringe at how it felt in her hands and shake it off. And I was really surprised she didn't even want to eat it! We got a really cute video of her with her cake of her shaking it off and getting mad that her hands were dirty.

Bogdan made two apple tarts, one of our favorite desserts. Recipe in this delicious cookbook.

Yuriy took a few polaroids during the party, so this is a picture of his picture of Naomi with her cake. Obviously not very happy.

A fuzzy, grainy picture of all the kids at the party. Or most of them anyway. And a shot of Naomi wondering what in the world is going on.

A wolf, a fox, a fox, and a wolf. (Masks from eBay.)

She lets me snuggle her more and more now. Yes!

Squinky and Zinky heaven in the playroom while the party went on downstairs.

Naomi just being her cute self in her favorite spot after most of our party guests went home. Chilling with a piece of bread in hand. We sat out there with my sisters and their husbands and finished off the day with more conversation, coffee, and food.



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