On her 365th day

Sunday, June 22, 2014

On Naomi's birthday, we started off the fun with her very first bath in the sink (so many cute pictures!) , then picked up some balloons I planned to bring to the park later with us,  it started raining so we canceled our park picnic plans, Naomi practiced her walking skills and clapped along with us when she walked a particularly long distance, we put her wooden doll house together and gave her a couple other gifts, and after nap time we went out to eat at a favorite place of ours. There were no candles or cake since we'd be having two parties over the weekend. It turned out to be a relaxed, unrushed, slow day with our little girl. I actually really loved not rushing around from place to place and doing a million things. I love making birthdays special, and it's always worth it for me, but this one was nice because I had plenty of time to do everything, and I actually got to soak in the moments with my family.



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