Easter 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Easter meant lots and lots of pictures for us. It's always a super busy weekend of egg hunts and getting together with family. I always love putting Easter baskets together, and this year I think I hit a good balance of getting them some fun things but not overdoing it. I did, however, overdo it on the candy. Definitely. Next year I will try even harder to tone it down, because we are still eating Easter candy, and will be for a while. The kids usually eat their favorites pretty quickly and then the rest just sit there and get hard. We went to the park on Saturday morning for an egg hunt put on by a local church, and we basically hit the jackpot there. They had like 60,000 eggs, and we didn't even have to battle other kids to fill our baskets. It was kind of crazy!

Natalia and I finished filling the eggs for our second hunt of the day, this one at my parents' house, and we headed over there after Naomi's nap (very important). :) We had a delicious dinner thanks to my mom (like always), and hid the eggs all around the backyard for the kids to find. Naomi was the star of the show, of course. She couldn't put the eggs down, or keep them out of her mouth, so yeah, there are a lot of pictures of Naomi slobbering all over the eggs.

Sunday morning we reminded the kids what Easter is really about, and headed off to church to celebrate the holiday properly. By this point I was nice and tired, like I always am on Sunday, but we still had a nice, relaxed day. After church we headed home just to open our Easter baskets since we didn't have time for it in the morning. The older kids each got an egg pooper, a chocolate bunny, Schwings for their shoes, a salami rope, and more candy of course. Ben got duct tape, which he was really excited about. He loves making duct tape wallets and other things out of it, and this was a new color to add to his collection. Naomi got a bunny bib and a wooden name train, and she didn't care about either. She just wanted all the candy in her mouth. I always enjoy watching the kids opening gifts. I guess I'm a giver--it's one of my love languages--and seeing their happiness and hearing their 'thank yous' really made my day that much sweeter.
I became obsessed with Cadbury mini eggs this year after discovering them just now (where have I been?!) and I basically ate everybody's eggs out of their baskets and then some. Good thing they're not sold all year round, because seriously, I couldn't stay away. Something about the crunchy shell with the nutty chocolate inside is such an addictive combination, and I know I'm not the only one because I kept seeing things on Instagram about people's obsession with them.

After quickly opening our baskets, we headed to Bogdan's parents' house and spent the rest of the day with family, and of course the kids got another egg hunt there. And that's how we ended up with massive piles of candy after it was all over. 



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