11 months with her

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A little morning photo shoot of our babe doing her thing at eleven months of age. That corner of our living room by the teepee and bookcase is her spot. All her toys are there, and when she's not playing with those, she's busy pulling books off the shelves or dumping movies out of the bins. She absolutely loves standing next to the coffee table. She used to crawl under it over and over again when she was smaller, bumping her head underneath a million times but never stopping. Now she likes to walk around it, bang her toys on it, and get on top too.

She seems to be happiest when she is on top of something, which is scary for me but also funny. I can't believe such a small thing, and a girl too, loves to climb anything and everything and get up as high as she can on things. Where did she come from?!? :) I thought Naomi would be walking by 11 months of age, but she seems to be taking her sweet time taking that jump. She's very strong on her legs, and crawls so fast across the room now. Her balance and strength are all there, now we're just waiting for her head to catch up. She's an expert stair climber, and spends a good chunk of every day on them. It doesn't scare me much anymore because she's just so good on them. She never falls off. She's fiesty, and screams at me when she disagrees with me. She definitely lets us know when she wants something, and she is used to getting it, too. All her siblings just love her. She loves being outdoors, so naturally walks are right up her alley. Whenever she hears the fridge door open, she makes a run for it and starts pulling things out of the drawers and off the shelves. That fridge is the best babysitter when I'm cooking and want to get her out from under my feet for a few minutes. We love our spunky, sweet, daring, determined little girl!



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