On the soccer field

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Once spring arrives, it doesn't just mean warmer weather or greener grass for us--it means soccer! I'm going to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with soccer games. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting in peace and quiet with the morning sun warming my shoulders and a good cup of coffee in my hand and watching Ben play. It's a good chance to get outside, to sit in one spot for an hour, knowing you can't go off somewhere even if you wanted to, and just take in the game unfolding in front of you. On the other hand, being stuck with a cranky baby on the sidelines for at least an hour, but usually almost two (plus driving time), is not my favorite way to spend my time. I don't get to watch more than a few minutes of the game at a time in between parenting anyway, and Naomi's usually hungry or tired or needs a diaper change. And that girl will not pass up a chance to tell me when she's not completely happy with her situation. Ahhhh, sometimes I just have to remind myself this too shall pass, quicker than I realize.

Of course I take a million pictures of the baby because she's right in front of me with those big, juicy cheeks and the soccer players are too far away to get a decent shot. :) I'm so proud of Ben, though--he's such a champ with all his practices and soccer homework and games. I can see how being on a team and having to be responsible and consistent and persistent are helping shape him into an amazing young man, and I know it won't be for nothing. It will help shape his character and make him strong, and I guess I will have to tell myself that when I'm rushing to his first game of two this week tomorrow evening after school. :)



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