Nine months of this face

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I take a million pictures of her and then I can't decide which ones to delete because they're all so different and all equally cute. As long as I keep clicking, I will get a different face from her each time. And of course they're all stinkin' adorable and they all stay.

At nine months we sent her packing to her own room. No, I'm kidding, with much deliberation and trepidation, we moved her crib out of our room and into hers so we could all start getting a better night's sleep. It worked, and she started sleeping longer stretches and Bogdan and I started getting deeper, more restful sleep because we weren't being woken up by every little sound she made. It was hard to make the decision and follow through with it. We had been considering it for over a month but kept stalling. It's just one of those bittersweet moments, especially this time around since I know it's my last time for everything.

She loves to dig in my potted plants and eat the dirt, loves to climb the stairs, loves veggie straws, is really ticklish, eats all the garbage on the floor, and despises getting dressed. Her favorite place to be is at home, and more specifically, in the living room standing against the coffee table. She hates the store and hates the car but since she is a fussy sleeper, if she falls asleep in the car I just let her sleep. Sometimes it's the only way she'll get some rest. She still loves playing in the bathtub, but when it's time to lay her down to wash her shampoo off, she starts grabbing at the sides and screaming. It seems she forgot how to lay down in the water after I started having her sit up for her baths, and now hates the reclining end of her tub. She got a brand new highchair this month because her vintage one was actually not very safe. It didn't have a bar between the legs, so when she was little she could have slid down and out under there! Also, she'd get her arms stuck in the metal bars on the sides, and the tray could actually be wiggled free from the vibration of the tray when she smacked it enough. I couldn't ever leave the room when she was in it for fear that she'd get the tray off and fall out of the chair. This new chair is so crisp and white and smooth and pretty and SAFE. I love it.



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