A day with the animals

Friday, April 25, 2014

I have always wished our zoo was better, but I have changed my tune in the last year or so. Even though we have the strangest assortment of animals, and even though some of them are farm animals, and the zoo is tiny compared with just about any other zoo, I still like to go. It's always nice to get out of the house and do something active, that's one thing. But I have learned to change my perspective, and now instead of being underwhelmed with how few animals they have, I look at it as a day at the park, spent walking around and playing on the playground and a few other fun spots, with a few animals thrown in. And it works! Now a day at the zoo is fun and just what I expected. Love how that works. 

 feeding the goats and sheep
 I cringe at the germs but they love it so I don't say anything
 inseparable--everything has to be done together
 selfie! (with my partner in crime, always)
pretzel break
 her cheeks and chins are too much
 hey, we have zebras! i always love seeing these. i mean, God created black and white stripes on an animal?!
 wild pigs, what an interesting choice for our zoo. :)
 the monkeys are always a favorite
 Ben is dying in back
 jellyfish are so beautiful, delicate, and graceful 
those toofers though
jumping off rocks
the crew



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What a beautiful family you have :)

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