Magical first snow

Friday, January 3, 2014

I have always loved snow pictures. They are so clean and crisp, and something about the glow on everyone's faces makes skin look beautiful and eyes pop. And everyone is always so happy! Snow is such a magical thing, and I'm thankful we get to experience it in Idaho. I told the kids recently that some people grow up in places like Hawaii and have never seen or touched snow before. They had to think about that one for a bit. Every year the kids wait in anticipation for the first snowfall, and some years there really isn't one, but this year we've seen lots of the stuff! This was December 7th, our first snowfall of the year. It's been cold enough that we've had snow on the ground all of December and now into January. I love snow when it's fresh and beautiful, but when it just makes ice on the roads and there isn't enough to play with, I get annoyed with it. So right now I'm a little annoyed. :)

This day I bundled Naomi up to see her first snow and got a few shots of her and me before she got too cold. We were outside literally five minutes and the air was so bitterly cold on her face and hands that I took her inside right away. She looked pretty unhappy to be out there, and couldn't care less about all the white everywhere. I basically got our snow gear on just for pictures, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

On another note, I'm in love with my hat that I got at Target for $13. I have a ridiculously huge head, and I've always had to buy men's hats (some of which are still too small for my head) because women's hats just slide right up and off my head. Or if they fit they just make my head look ridiculously round, like a light bulb. Not kidding! This hat was loose and stretchy and comfortable, but I figured it would ball up and I hate spending money on low-quality items that barely last. I left it at the register once, then came back and bought one because I figured I will never find the perfect hat, and this one will have to do for now. I realized I should buy another one in white because I loved it, but when I came back again, there were no hats to be seen! Christmas shopping is nuts, people. There were so many. So I will love this greenish-yellow one and be smarter for next time I find a hat big enough for my giant head!



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