God's timing, not mine

Friday, January 31, 2014

I love the rhythm of my days. My mornings are nice and slow with Naomi happy after a good night's sleep and Olivia there to play with her younger sibling until she heads off to school. Naomi is usually happy to sit and play as I try to wake up, and Olivia loves to hang out in her pajamas all morning long--easy peasy. I try to get done whatever I can in between naps and such, and then when all the kids get home from school it's definitely a highlight of my day before the evening chaos ensues. I love watching the kids interact with Naomi when they walk through the door. She is so happy to see them all again, and she's definitely the center of attention around here--lucky girl. She loves her brother and sisters, and gives the biggest smiles and giggles to them. I love the family dynamic in our house right now, and I think it means I was definitely meant to have four little people under our roof. And that though I didn't plan it this way, God's timing is always perfect.



Inna said...

"God's timing is always perfect" that is so true!

Tanya said...

It really is. We always want it our way, and we want it now. I know I have such a hard time with patience, but it's such a valuable lesson to learn, and only God can see the bigger picture and know what time is right for something.

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