Enjoying the fluffy white stuff

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The kids have sure been enjoying the snow lately! We don't have a good sledding hill nearby, so we pulled into a nearby neighborhood one day and found a little hill to sled down. The kids kept sledding right into someone's front yard, but hey--they had fun! Good thing no one came out to yell at us or anything though... And while they were sledding, Naomi was sitting in the warm car looking cute. Like always. Oh, and Ben likes to build chairs out of snow. He worked on this one pretty hard, with lots of attention to detail--a headrest, armrests, everything. They even built a snowman one day (which is usually not possible because the snow is too powdery) but it got dark and before I could take a picture of it the next morning, the three balls had rolled off each other. Oops.



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