Juice fast progress: day 15 to day 30

Friday, December 20, 2013

These are my progress pictures from day 15 to day 30. I lost 8 pounds during that time. Those eight pounds were hard-won, and I experienced a lot of emotional ups and downs during that time. I started having periods where I wouldn't lose anything for three days at a time, which just makes you backslide mentally and question everything you're doing. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. My joints were still hurting and my plantar fasciitis in my feet wasn't improving any more after a really good initial improvement in pain. I knew that sometimes what's going on inside of your body isn't immediately reflected by pounds lost, and the healing process can be occurring on the inside and not showing up on the outside quite yet. I also thought that maybe my mood swings (if you can call it that) would improve, but I kept having days where it seemed like I couldn't shake the sadness no matter what my circumstances were. I would have a good cry at times and get a nice pep talk from Bogdan, who was my biggest supporter and source of strength, and I'd keep going. Around day 30 I really, really wanted to stop, at least for a couple weeks so I could enjoy food again, then do another 30 days, but I knew that I had to do the full 60 days in order to see what it would do for my arthritis.

There doesn't seem to be much difference in the before and after pictures here (and please excuse my baby pooch), but it's kind of misleading, because between day 30 and 40 I look really different all of a sudden. I carry a lot of weight in my thighs, and so when I started losing weight, it came off my belly, my back, my arms first, and my legs were last to budge. After I had lost enough weight in the other areas, then my thighs started getting smaller. Weird stuff.



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