Men and babies

Friday, December 20, 2013

I know I have a lot of baby pictures on here, and it looks like I've kind of forgotten about my other kids. I just can't help myself, she's the cutest little thing. And she changes by the week, so I have to keep up! Also, we have been sick so many times this season that lately all we've been doing is staying inside and lounging around in pjs and our unwashed hair. That doesn't make for the best pictures. Hopefully soon things will turn around and we can get out more.

I love these shots of Bogdan and Naomi because I love the bond they have. It makes my heart want to pop when I see them together. I love how much he loves her. When he gets home in the evening and says hi to her, and she gets all excited and her little legs go crazy, like a puppy wagging it's tail--it's the best. My heart is so content and happy in those moments, like everything is right in the world. Men and babies are the best!



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